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Cost: $350/3hrs


We have taken the skills and education you want to build your future and created a curriculum to assist you in making that happen. We are dedicated to our students’ success and to keeping our curriculum and training in demand and relevant for today’s demanding beauty industry.


Basic Training – The basic training is meant for any starting or aspiring nail technician. At the end of this training you'll:

  • Know how to apply gel nails professionally.

  • Have a broad theoretical base focusing on the structure of the natural nail and the most common nail diseases.

  • Know how to perform a basic manicure, which is essential in any nail salon.

  • Intense practical understanding of gel nails

  • Know how to build a sculpted nail on both tips and nail forms, and of course I'll teach you how to create a beautiful French Manicure or how to apply a perfect color gel! Know how to file nails.

  • Know how to use a nail drill.


Refresher Training – Are you a qualified nail technician but have been out of practice for a while, or just simply looking to refresh your skills? If you are, this course is perfect for you! During this course, you will re-visit the techniques of creating both acrylic and gel nail enhancements using tips. This training consist of Nail Tech training in the applied science and skills in the cleaning, conditioning, shaping, reinforcing, coloring and enhancing of nails and in the application of artificial nails.


Advanced Training – The advanced nail technician training is for licensed nail technicians only. During this course topics covered include:



  • Disease and disorders seen by nail technicians.

  • Safe working practices for salon employees.

  • Client education and creating referrals relationships.

  • Nail Art Techniques (course will cover a select few).

  • Essentials needed to create Nail Art.

  • What you need to know about offering Nail Art as a service.



Cost: $450/3hrs


Students choose Butterfli Brow because we offer some of the best ongoing training support within the industry! By offering a limited amount of trainings we focus on quality & personalized learning experiences through our unique & hands-on trainings. Learn the fundamentals of microblading, with our in-depth training courses. Classes at Butterfli Brow are not just done on paper – each course allows for students to apply their permanent makeup training on a live model for an authentic experience unlike any other.


Become a certified microblade artist and jumpstart your microblading career. To get started on your path as a permanent makeup artist, contact us to learn more and enroll in one of our courses today!


We offer one-on-one 1-day training or 2-day intensive beginner’s classes (one-on-one or group).


2- Day Training – includes:


  • Client Consultation and Consent Forms

  • Setting up Your Station

  • Eyebrow Mapping/Shaping Technique

  • Color and Pigment Selection

  • Micro blading 3D Brow Brushed Technique

  • Inspection Information

  • Permanent Makeup Health & Safety

  • Hands-on micro blading Practice

  • Live Demonstration with a Model

  • Marketing & Branding

  • Product & Supplies Resources

  • Aftercare

  • Certificate of Completion

  • Product Kit

  • 4-Months post class support

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